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Restaurant MarcoPolo invites You to taste the European and Russian food!
We recommend You to taste blue mussels – de Provence and sea salad with ruccola and tiger shrimps. And chef’s specialty allows nobody to stay different!
In restaurant MarcoPolo always plays pleasant wallpaper music, which creates extra atmosphere, committed to easy conversation.
We have provided all conditions for running banquets, conferences, corporate events and show-programs. Breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, besides drink receptions and coffee-breakers in restaurant MarcoPolo
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Every workday we are waiting for You at 13:00 to 17:00 at the Marco Polo restaurant for a business lunch! The restaurant Marco Polo offers our visitors a proper and tasty meal with wide variety of dishes.

Business lunch becomes a necessary part of a business person life.

Cost of business lunch:
290 rubles (2 dishes)
390 rubles (3 dishes)

You can have a look at the full business dinner menu here

Ask questions to gain clarity You can
by telephone: +7 (812) 449-88-77
or by e-mail: restaurant@mpolo-spb.com

Every day we welcome you for business lunch  from  13:00 to 17:00 in Marco Polo  restaurant! Restaurant MarcoPolo offers our visitors fortified delicious lunch with broad dishes assortment. 

The example of the menu of the day is here 

Business lunch costs:
290 roubles (2 dishes)
390 roubles (3 dishes)

Ask for  details: tel. +7 (812) 449-88-77 or send us an e-mail: restaurant@mpolo-spb.com

Marco Polo Saint-Petersburg knows how much  this special day means for you and we are ready to provide you with assistance in your wedding organization, in order for you to enjoy the most exciting day of your life.

Your personal manager will not only offer you special menu and welcome station but also  will help you with other aspects of event organization: Host choose, decoration with flowers, show program, transportation for you and  for your guests, wedding cake, videography and photo shooting 

We offer you a complimentary staying for one night in Marco Polo Hotel St.Petersburg as a gift!* 

The menu is here

Banquet Service: tel. +7 (962) 710-08-72

*in case you order a banquet. Ask for details.

European and Russian cuisine, gently serving in a  solemn atmosphere and specific interior design  are very important for any special event. Restaurant MarcoPolo is a perfect place for running all events: banquets, birthday celebrations, bridal showers, weddings, gala dinners, MICE presentations and many others. 

We will help  to organize your special day!  

Ask for details:  tel. +7 (962) 710-08-72   

The full menu list you can see  here

Night bar, located in the hotel «MarcoPoloSaint-Petersburg», for your rest and fun.

Broad-cocktail map, wide range dishes, translation sporting events, free karaoke, unexpected appearance, bright flavor… it worth a look, worth a try and next You will want to return in this amazing traveling world of gastronomic frills and potables fountains.

The full menu list You can see here

Bar is designed for 45 persons and opens at 13-30 to 1-30

Restaurant MarcoPolo dips you into a fascinating Saint-Petersburg atmosphere of the 19 century. Curious interior design and dainty menu, receptive service, democratic prices and harmonious ambiance remain to leave the most pleasant memories about the time spent in our restaurant. Cozy, spacious hall is made in warm tones, also in a hall of the restaurant are situated big black piano and fireplace, which protected by UNESCO: he has saved in original view since building the place in 1874 by architect F. Rudolf.

The restaurant MarcoPolo's opening hours: 

07:00 - 11:00 – breakfast «Buffet»

12:00 - 23:00 – restaurant works a la carte

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